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set in a world where the human race has evolved into something more inhuman, the SCMN33-gene caused humans to develop in unnatural ways, developing unnatural abilities. Humans are turning into monsters; folktales are becoming all too real.

Monsters are shunned, ostracized, and barely feared. Everyone is out for monster blood. It is a part of the culture. If you’re old enough to skip stones across ponds, you’re at the age that you can chuck that stone in the face of a monster. If a child were to show monster-like abilities, they are required to take The Monster Evaluation to see if they can live in the civilized world with their oddities or without their emotions.

Follow Otillia Shield, Pluto Zero, and Margo Morté, some monster-kids?— creature-people?— whatever they are, as they trek the world, trying to fix something. But they cannot hope to do anything alone. They will find others like them, an entire society of hidden monsters just like them, in a safe haven. Maybe Otillia could learn to hope in a better world... a less bloody, restricting world, a world that remembers its previous humanity.

A FANTASY-adventure podcast. LISTEN NOW!

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Little Monster Images by CANVA


Edge: Lightning

A meek-hearted girl who, influenced by the abuse of her parents and peers, hates her monster nature and tries to hide it. When it proves to be difficult to hide the fact that she sheds out lightning, she decides that maybe… just maybe she can use her ability for something… not-so-monsterly.

"I don't know. I'm so scared I'm shaking... but you're not going in alone."



Edge: Ghost

A justice-obsessed boy with ghostly abilities who is done with society and decides to dole out punishments his own way… if he can get over his fear of bullies.

"I don't want to be as helpless as I am now... I can make people peaceful."


Margo Morté

Edge: Teleportation

A quick-tempered girl who might just be (read: definitely is) an adrenaline-junkie. She believes that monsters should not be oppressed, better yet, she believes that monsters are the superior race above other humans and, with her prodigy-level control over her teleportation edge, intends to make sure everyone learns that fact.

"Just keep moving. And I'm never slowing down for you or for me."

Hector Hurt

Edge: Sticky Hands

Pluto’s best friend and resident joker, he survived the Monster Evaluation (through questionable methods). Also, he has high hopes of using his abilities to be Awesome™, nothing less.

"The police caught me because I accidentally shoplifted an expensive piece of china. YES! It was an accident, I swear!"



Edge: Weight Shift

A pretty chilled-out girl, considering her family runs an illegal Monster Fighting Ring in the inner city. She has an incredible strength edge that allows her to focus her weight in one area. She tries to keep her power hidden from people outside the ring because she's more of an all-play-and-no-work kinda gal).

"My family owns a fighting ring... Shoot, I wasn't supposed to say that. Let's start over, my name's Quinn Kouda."


Edge: Dream

Kindly dubbed “edge-lord” by Hector Hurt, he takes pride in living life without a moral compass. Enjoying fighting strangers in alleyways and using his scary monster ability (that illusions himself into someone’s worst fear) often, he thus developed permanent monster traits on his face. Clem will do whatever it takes to make sure his name is never forgotten.

"Picture your worst fear. I am that. I can bring your wonderful nightmare to life."



Edge: Tardigrade

A boy who passed the horrific Monster Evaluation at 10 years old and has been scared into a law-abiding, strict rule-follower ever since. His edge effectively allows him to have the indestructible nature of a tardigrade. It’s unfortunate he’d rather be protected by the laws that hate him.

"This isn't right. This isn't legal. This isn't safe... And worst of all, I'm now a ten-year-old!"


Edge: "Something Sparkly," she says

A ditzy girl with a bubbly personality— perfect for a Youtube vlogger. Now someone just needs to tell her that vlogging in the middle of a dangerous insurrection in the middle of a city is not a wise nor very safe decision.

"Welcome to my vlog! Update: Everything's gone to the rathole!"



Edge: Bone Manipulation

A nerdy boy who hoards shelves upon shelves of superhero comics. Despite being a hero fanatic, he is wary of his own powers. Every time he tries anything strenuous, his bones ache and hurt immensely. Oh, but what he would give to be a superhero...

"I'm actually going out there. Like a hero! I’m literally Batman."


Edge: Android Appendages

A war veteran who has been fighting since she was a child. Now, 31 years old, stripped of her edge, and owning several bionic limbs, she relentlessly resolves to provide the world the light that it’s been too afraid to notice.

"What I'm talking about is something bigger— something that will save so, so many lives!"



Edge: Parasite

A grisly and rude vigilante with a fake name, he uses his Parasite ability (who’s a little too mouthy) to bust down the Monster Control operatives and locations. But his job might just have to be put on hold when his sister from beyond the grave appears at his doorstep with an offer he was almost certain he would refuse.

"Want some fruit punch?"

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